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About the project

a few words about the idea
No censorship, but be fair and polite!

Have you ever felt helpless when you were reading an article full of misinformation and not being able to comment on it, or provide some real facts with sources?

Or have you ever encountered censorship on websites that you previously regarded as serious news pages?

Or are you just missing the function to comment on every website or article, regardless of it being a government website, private website, or corporate website, social media profile, or video? Have you ever wanted to comment on a product or service without the risk of the comment being censored?

Then is for you!

We ask you to stay polite and fair to each other, we do not tolerate racism and unfair insults, or virulent posts, please keep this in mind when using our platform.

Also please keep in mind that we do not hold any responsibility for the user generated content, automatically generated content, any links to third sites, and user comments, and shared user media.

  • 100% free - enjoy. ;-)

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